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Shock Bark Collar

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Specification for No Shock Bark Control Collar
Model V1
I. Basic Specification:
Product Weight锛?8.5g
(Nylon collar Package)
Unit Package Weight锛?49g
Gift box Dimension锛?1*9*4.5cm
Master Carton Box Dimension:锛?6.8*38.3*25.8cm, 80pcs/carton
Carton Weight锛?13.2kg
Product Color锛欱lack
Product Material锛欰BS+Hardware
Waterproof Level锛欼P67
Input Voltage: 5V
Hardware Design Technology锛?/strong>
--Dual motors technology, enhanced vibration strength,no static shock, no pain correction
--Accurate Sound Detection Technology, only activated by dog barking
--Adjustable 5 Level of sensitivity
--Market Unique Test Mode for all function at one time before use.
--Charging Protection Technology: over large input charging voltage indicating and charging automatically cut off.
Dual Working Modes锛?/strong>
--Vibration Mode: 6 smart operation steps with tone and different vibration intensity working collaboratively.
--STRONG Vibration Mode: 6 smart operation steps with tone and stronger different vibration intensity working collaboratively.
--Test Mode
Battery Capacity锛?80MA
Charging Time锛?.5~3 Hrs
Use Time锛?0~15 days, based on use frequency
Accessories锛欰nti-Bark collar x1, nylon reflective collar x1(or with TPU collar in the other type of package), prong cover x1 pair锛? short prong covers锛? USB cable x1, user manual x1, sensitivity instruction x1
II. Product Function Introduction:
III.Introduction of Working Modes:
IV. Advantages of V1:
1. Dual-Motor Technology,Strong Vibration
2.Smart No Pain Correction with 2 Mode: Vibration Mode and Strong Vibration Mode
3.Unique Test Mode, Easier to Test Before Use
4.Rechargeable with High Quality Lithium Battery
4.Upgraded CPU, Barking Detection More Accurate,Faster Triggering Process
5.High Quality Nylon, Solid Grip,Not Easy to Be Off-Position When Sneezing or Running
6.Smart Charging Protection Technology, Avoid Charging Damage
7.Certified IPX7 Waterproof
8.Detailed Instructions, Easy To Use
Q: How many items usually come in a case?
A: Usually 40pcs for training collar and 80pcs for bark collar, all make sure the total weight less than 20kg to meet general shipping requirements.
Q: Is the product of any part patented?
A: Yes, we are the manufacturer, with all patent and certificates for each product.
Q: Does your product meet all the requirements for sales on Amazon in the US market?
A: Yes, we have all certificates and documents that meet Amazon requirement.
Q: Are battery data readily available for use as per Amazon requirements?
A: Yes sure, we have all data and can provide to you when need it.
Q: What quality checks are done on your products before shipment?
A: 100% quality check on PCBA function check, waterproof test, charging test, aging test, transportation test and 100% function check before packing.
Q: Could you provide me with some high quality marketing material, photos/videos?
A: We have product photos, and 3D model for your further photo generation.
Q: Is there also an instructions book included in the package?
A: Sure, manual included, as well as USB cable, rubber caps, sensitivity instruction, charging warning cards. Different products includes may vary in the package content, but manual is included.Shock Bark Collar
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